Saturday, August 24, 2019

HOW TO WRITE AN ESSAY & QUESTIONNAIRE Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

HOW TO WRITE AN & QUESTIONNAIRE - Essay Example One’s knowledge and writing skills, the ability to find appropriate literature to support one’s views and to add a greater number of perspectives, are expressed through the work. This paper proposes to provide guidelines on how to write an essay. The main parts of an essay are the introduction, the discussion or body of the essay and the conclusion. The essay may be structured further to organize the argument clearly under subtopics, if required. Spurr (2005) gives comprehensive guidelines on academic essay writing. To start with, it is important that the essay question or topic is understood clearly, without any ambiguity. Next, appropriate books, journals, newspaper and magazine articles where relevant, and recognized sources of information from the internet should be identified and accessed. Key arguments and theories which express the writer’s viewpoints should be summarized, and referencing should be done to support as well as counter these arguments. The introduction introduces the reader to the question at hand, explains the subject of the essay, defines terms and establishes the parameters of enquiry or investigation. An outline of the arguments that are to be put forth in the discussion and main theorists’ work that may be drawn upon will serve to present a map of the terrain that will be explored in the essay. The research topic is stated as a thesis statement, and this will form the focus point of the entire argument or discussion in the paper. A good introduction is essential because it helps to form a favourable impression about the essay in general. The discussion should remain focused on the main topic, throughout the work. Through extensive research, supporting approaches as well as counter arguments should be available for drawing upon. It is important to critically analyse the opinions and arguments of various scholars, in comparison with the writer’s viewpoints. To avoid plagiarism, other authors’ works should be

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