Thursday, October 17, 2019

The Ancient Middle East Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

The Ancient Middle East - Essay Example Additionally, believers and followers of both the religions also strongly believe that God is an eternal being, and He has the power to reward and punish to righteous and sinner persons respectively. Furthermore, believe in Messiah means Jesus Christ, who is believed as the son of God incarnate by both the religions, and they believe that Messiah (Jesus Christ) is yet to come from the house of David to build up a God's precious home on the earth (Lundquist). Trinity is another common belief between these two religions according to which both of them believe in the existence of Holy Father, Son and Spirit within the same Godhead, but they are separated from each other. It can be clearly understood as that God is considered as a three person, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. These three are distinct, and yet all exist in a common person. If one of these were removed, there would be no God. Also, in Christianity and Judaism it is believe that the Trinity is involved in many othe r things. Such as, God had made this world via the Holy Son in Holy Spirit. The Holy Father sent forth His Son and Spirit to the Old Testament saints to let them know about the father (Lundquist). In both these religious, people follow guidelines of a Holy Book called as Bible, however, the only difference between their books is that Christian's Bible is consist of old and new testaments of Holy God while the Jewish Scripture is known as Hebrew Bible and it is arranged in three different sections (Lundquist). In addition, Covenant is another most important and common belief among Jews and Christians, which make them believe in actions during the last supper, and they religiously accept the fact that God will choose specific people, who will be reinforced by the Covenant at Mount Sinai. It should be noted here that this concept of the covenant is different from original covenant. It is basically an agreement between God and His followers (Jews and Christians) according to which they believe that through Moses, the followers will enter a covenant with God (Lundquist). "The Lord said to Moses, 'Write these words down because the covenant I make with you and with Israel is in these words.' So Moses...wrote down the words of the covenant, the Ten Words, on the tablets" (Think Quest 3). Last and an important common belief among these two religions and their followers is that they both strongly believe in the life here after. They have accepted the fact that after dying their souls will go up in heaven or hell based on the deeds they have done in the life here. Also, they believe that God will make the fairest judgment and that life will last forever. Christians and Jews have a very strong belief about life after death, which is based on the resurrection of Jesus (Lundquist). Although, these two religious were close to each other and they still are up to some extend in terms of their beliefs and rituals. However, the separation between these two religions undoubtedly has taken place, but that separation did not take place fast and easy. The whole separation took approximately more than hundred years and the crucial division did not happen all at once (Lundquist). Christianity started with Son of god (Jesus Christ) and his disciples

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