Saturday, October 5, 2019 and www.kickstarter Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words and www.kickstarter - Essay Example has a terrific vision making dreams into realities. Projects, creative ideas and other dream endeavors become reality with the funding that could be provided by Looking closely at the reviews for, the website both has good and negative reviews. For the good reviews, the website was able to materialize projects would not have left the trestle board if it was not funded through kickboard. One of the projects was the Dewey Mac, Kid Detective Book which is a make DIY (do it yourself) and STEM Spy Gadget (Carroll). The idea was to make children experiment from STEM (Science, Technology and Math) experiences to be able to play the game. The participant would be building real working toys such as foxhole radio and glass ear from materials that could be readily found at home. In the process, it strengthens the STEM skills of children while having fun. The kit received various awards which could not have been possible without kickstarter.comâ⠂¬â„¢s help. Another project that materialized through was the â€Å"Foodie Dice: Play with your food† project (Tumbleweeds). The idea was to inspire cooking combinations from the dice by merely rolling them. It is composed of 5 primary dice and 4 seasonal veggie dice that could produce creative concoctions by merely rolling them. The project receive $86,371 pledges and 2,333 backers (Tumbleweeds). III. Conclusion There are also some negative reviews about such as non-notification of projects that it dropped that confuses the creators ( But comparing these operational glitches to the benefit that does to creative people, it is negligible. People in general are still grateful to the help that extends to the creative. In sum, serves as a bridge between people who have great ideas who does not have the resources to materialize it and those people who have resources who would like to h elp creative to materialize their ideas. Part II I. Title: II. Introduction also deals with creative ideas just like except that it does not look for fund those ideas into reality but rather help its customers to tap on their latent creativity to realize their creativity. Ideo is a design and innovation consultancy company founded in Palo Alto, California in 1991 by David Kelley, a Stanford Professor, Moggridge Associates, Matrix Design and Steelcase. Its current CEO is Tim Brown. It offers its consultancy services to its clients to help them design their products. Among the products connected with Ideo are futuristic PDS, sports watches and media panel ( They call it â€Å"creative confidence† or design thinking where people discover their inherent creativity and transform them into a positive force in an organization ( Compared to where they look funding to help creative ideas materialize, br ings out the creativity of people by actively engaging with their customers in the design of their products. III. Body can be classified as a cutting edge company in terms of design. Many of the known brands and popular products that we are using right now are in fact designed by the company. Among these companies are Samsung and British Airways. They collaborate with its customers and help them come up with a design and innovation that is consistent with the brand of their customers. IDEO integrate the needs of people, the possibility of technology and the requirement of business success as its approach to industrial design. It helps its customers

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